As Paul and Silas evangelized through Macedonia, they found a studious group of people who were intensely concerned about the careful criticism of the scriptures (Acts 17:10-15).  Those Bereans, who were commended by the apostles, are spiritual models for us today.  All who listen to and receive from preachers, teachers, prophets and exhorters, should not accept interpretation of the scriptures or doctrine passively.  We should examine the Word and search the scriptures daily. This means to “sift up and down, and make exact research.” 


The Berean Bible Institute and School of Ministry is a specialized training school.  Its primary emphasis is to acquaint students with the content, meaning, interpretation and theology of the Word of God.  We believe in the importance of preparing students for the ministry, whether the ministry is in the pulpit, on the mission field, in sacred music or in Christian education.


We believe that the widest possible education in all areas of learning and knowledge is a valuable asset for all Christian students. Therefore the systematic study of God’s Word is a vital and indispensable weapon in the training of effective Christian workers. 


In line with our philosophy, every essential component for the development of true Christian character and adequate academic acumen will be brought to focus within our curriculum.


The Berean Bible Institute welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs. We provide opportunities that maximize each student’s intellectual, professional, personal, and Biblical growth.  Our goal is to:


  • prompt a systematic and thorough study of the Word of God (the Holy Scriptures);


  • assist Christians in using the Bible as a tool for daily living and effective witnessing;


  • equip God’s people for spiritual battle and to teach them how to respond to contemporary questions with biblical answers;


  • uncover and develop skills for ministries within the body of Christ and the community;


  • encourage those who are called by God to church vocations, at home or abroad; and


  • lay a foundation for those who wish a deeper study of God’s Word.


The educational staff at the Berean Bible Institute & School of Ministry, through earnest and sincere prayer, is dedicated to accomplishing a most productive and rewarding school year ever!